Each of our Units (Babies, 2-3's and Pre-School) are split in to four main sections: Creative Room, Play Room, Quiet Room and Dining Room. Every month our units focus heavily on a chosen topic, some examples of past topics are; 'People who help us', 'Traditional Tales', 'Christmas'. 'Chinese New Year', 'Space', 'Sea-life' and 'People/things we love'. This helps us provide new and exciting activities for our children that are fresh, interesting and engaging. Each of our units contribute significantly to helping our children learn whilst they play, and have fun doing so.

Creative Room

Our Creative Rooms are where children are able to get messy and make mini masterpieces. We love to use colours, foam, gloop, shredded paper, jelly, paints, glue, materials, glitter and much more to help them try new sensory experiences and be creative.

Play Room

Our Play Rooms are where children are able to let their imaginations run wild and play to their hearts content. Our Play rooms are compromised of a Home Corner, Fancy Dress, Loose Part Play and many other activities that tie- in with our monthly topics.

Quiet Room

Our Quiet Rooms are where children can play and learn, but in a calmer environment. We have lots of books and colouring pages, as well as seating areas and comfy corners so our children can relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Dining Room

Our Dining Rooms are extremely important for our childrens learning and development. We have a great menu, made from scratch. We try to make our meals as exciting as possible by linking our snack time and some meals to our topics eg- prawn crackers and spring rolls for Chinese New Year, and Seafood Pasta for Sea-Life. We encourage children to feed themselves from a young age, as this helps greatly with fine/gross motor skills and speech and language. When our children get to Pre-School, we encourage them to pour themselves their own milk/water and serve themselves their food. This helps with building their independence and school readiness. Our dining rooms are also important for teaching our children about table manners.




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"If you take you, as mum, on your best days, add tons of other great qualities then you'll come close to what these ladies offer our kids. They've helped shape my children into what they are today and I will be forever grateful for their patience, love and dedication to their jobs." - Please see Facebook for many more.