On Monday and Tuesday mornings, Ewan from Kits Academy comes in to see our children. Ewan does a variety of throwing, catching and cardio activities that help your children with their attention, listening, fine/gross motor skills and personal and social development.

Ewan brings mini footballs, mini hockey sticks and balls, mini netballs and many other games that are not only fun for your children but help them understand to work as part of a team. This keeps our children active and Ewan also chats to them whilst he runs his sessions about why its important to play as part of a team, and play outside and be active.

Our chilren love their Monday (at Little Pines) and Tuesday (at Big Pines) morning sessions with Ewan and they are included in the price you pay for nursery.

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kits academy at pines nursery ilkeston
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What our parents say...

"If you take you, as mum, on your best days, add tons of other great qualities then you'll come close to what these ladies offer our kids. They've helped shape my children into what they are today and I will be forever grateful for their patience, love and dedication to their jobs." - Please see Facebook for many more.

Wear Red for Esther

We managed to raise a whopping £200 for Heart Link and Glenfield from our Wear Red for Esther Day on Valentines Day!!! Click here for more info